You have come to the place where you will find diversity, quality, taste and affordable catering. We are a locally owned restaurant who understands the diversity of our guest. Either you are having a Home party, Office party, Corporate event, Bridal Shower, Birthday party or whatever the occasion may be, we have the menu to suit every Event.

Let us prepare your next occasion and deliver right at your door !

We don’t just pride ourselves in giving you a great in house dining experience, we extend out services to you wherever you need it. We cater lunch or dinner to any of your special occasions, private functions, workplace or office. We also allow the restaurant to be booked for events such as engagement parties, baptisms and so on.

Catering Options

– Souvlaki – chicken / pork / lamb

– Pitas – chicken / pork / lamb

– Rice

– Potatoes

– Salads – Greek / Caesar / Garden

– Dips – Tzatziki / Humous / Taramasalata

– Spanakopita / Tyropita

And many more items, we can customize your order to your liking. For information please contact us!

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